In order to understand the true meaning of what chiropractic really is, one should have a definition.  According to, which has two correct definitions.  The first definition is that “chiropractic is a system of therapy in which disease is considered the result of abnormal function of the nervous system.  The method of treatment usually involves manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures.”  The second definition is every bit as true as the first and it reads that “chiropractic is a system of therapy that utilizes the recuperative powers if the body and the relationship between the musculoskeletal structures and the functions of the body, particularly the spinal column and the nervous system, in the restoration and maintenance of health.” By dissecting these two definitions, I believe that a clear picture of what chiropractic will be painted for all to see.Chiropractic Health at Lakeside

For starters, the word manipulation is usually thought of negatively, so, we really shy away from that term.  The actual meaning is “shrewd or devious management for one’s own advantage”.  We do not manipulate patients for our advantage; we adjust patients for their advantage.  Seeing as this falls along the lines of the treatment part of those definitions, I will continue on with this section first.  The system of treatment, or therapy, can vary from office to office, due to hundreds of different techniques that are in practice today.  But most should start with an evaluation of the body; this is our way of communicating with your body so it can tell us what is wrong and where to look/go to correct the cause.  The biggest concern for most people about chiropractors is that if you start their care you are expected to continue for life.  This is only true if you want to help your body maintain a state of health or quick recovery in times of stress where your body cannot handle all that is demanded of it at that time.  The reason for multiple visits in the beginning is to counteract all of the time that your body has resided in its incorrect state.  Your body has built a type of memory to where all of its parts are and will continue to put them back in this state until it is trained on the proper place for all of its parts to function optimally.  The ideal maintenance plan would be to work down to one visit a month for life.  But one might say I don’t have any symptoms, so why should I go?  Just because there are no symptoms, it does not mean that there is not a problem.  Cancer can reside in the body for years without symptoms: does that mean that there is not anything serious going on?  No, of course not, cancer is a very serious, and in some cases, a very deadly problem within the body.  The once a month maintenance is strictly a preventative measure we take to keep symptoms from nagging your body and your mind.

Lakeside Chiropractic Neck manipulationChiropractors do view disease as a dysfunction in the nervous system.  Your nervous system is the control center for your entire body.  It is constantly sending and receiving messages everywhere in your body.  Your brain is the monitor and interpreter of all happenings at all times, even while you sleep.  To do this, it uses chemicals to transmit this information; your immune system also has similar chemicals and receptors to communicate with its self and can in turn communicate with the nervous system because the nervous system is the monitor and chief of all systems.  Seeing as our treatments have direct dealings with the nervous system, we can influence all systems to allow your body’s ability to repair and heal it actually utilizing an innate intelligence found within everybody.  This is how people can treat and recover from ailments faster.  If one is in a stressed state and comes down with something, your nervous system and all other systems need to be able to communicate in order to effectively control this abnormal state and return to normal.  But what if one bone in your back or neck is misplaced from normal and decreases transmission time of the vital information that your body runs on?  Decreasing the transmission time, means more time is used to repair this state and return to normal.  But with an adjustment, one can repair that decreased transmission time and take less time to send out materials for the necessary repairs and return to normal faster.

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